Book Structure Essentials

Master the key components of book structure to create a compelling cohesive story

Whether your genre is fiction or non-fiction; whether its theme explores love, crime or spirituality; it’s the structure of your book that binds your ideas together and conveys them to your readers.

Your hook grabs their attention and compels them to keep reading. Your plot creates the breadcrumb-scattered pathway they’ll follow through the story. Your location activates their imagination, and your characters and dialogue prove the human elements that bring the story to life.

Each component is crucial in connecting with your audience and delivering a memorable reading experience.

If you want to create life-like characters your readers can relate to, emotive dialogue that enhances your story, and a page-turning plot, this package is for you.

What you’ll learn in Package 3: Book Structure Essentials

The Book Structure Essentials package is part three of our Module 1 Bundle – the first instalment of our Ultimate Blueprint for Successful Publishing course. It’s designed to answer all your questions about how to structure your book and empower you to refine your ideas into a powerful and compelling story.

This package focuses on the technical aspects of creative writing and storytelling and how to structure a book to incorporate them successfully. From understanding narrative structure to mastering plot development, Package 3 delves deep into the concepts and techniques that underpin successful books.

Sessions in this package

  • How To Write A Hook

    Learn to craft a great hook that captures your readers’ attention and keeps them turning page after page.

  • Making Dialogue Work

    How to write meaningful dialogue that enhances – rather then interrupts – your story.

  • Character Development

    How to capture the essence of a person with life-like characters that enrich your story with human strengths, flaws and emotions.

  • Plot Development

    Craft an engaging plotline and master the different structural elements that successful authors use to keep readers guessing.

  • How To Set Your Location

    Set a memorable and unique location for your book and learn techniques to transport your readers there.

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What other people say about us

Jess Doyle

I really enjoyed reading through and processing the information in this course. I have had a book in the making which has sat on the shelf for ten years. During this time, I had become very frustrated as I did not have the tools to complete it. The Ultimate Blueprint has now given me everything I need to proceed forward with my book. Each course has provided me with the Blueprint step by step guide, and with this information, I will go onto writing more and more. A big thank you for making this available.

Delfina Foster

I like how this step by step courses covers all that is required to create not only a compelling storyline but fascinating characters, plots and subplots in any genre you can imagine. It guides you through the labyrinth of the author's world.

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