Target Audience and Demographics for Books

Identify and understand reader demographics and intended audience in writing to maximise your book's success

Creative writing is a form of art, but in the publishing game, works of art don’t go to museums: they go to market. This means that your book doesn’t just need to be a great idea, beautifully written. It needs to be a marketable product that meets industry standards.

As an author, you create the product: your book. But it’s readers who create the market and publishers who decide if it belongs there. That’s why it’s crucial to know who your book’s primary audience is, what they want and expect from it, and what criteria your book needs to fit to get published.

Without targeting your book from the beginning, you may pour your passion, creativity and hard work into a manuscript that will never get published.

If you want to ensure every minute and ounce of energy you spend on your book pays dividends through publication, this package is for you.

What you’ll learn in Package 2:

Target audience and demographics for books

The Target Audience & Demographics for Books package is part two of our Module 1 bundle – the first instalment of our Ultimate Blueprint for successful Publishing course. It’s designed to help you maximise your book’s success on the market by gaining clarity around what you’re writing, who it’s for, and how to connect with them meaningfully.

From reader demographics by genre to target audience examples, this learning package will empower you with useful information, game-changing tools and actionable insights for finding, reaching and captivating your book’s audience.

Sessions in this package

  • Understanding Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

    Learn about key features and traits of the two overarching book genres – fiction and nonfiction – to start honing in on your market, audience and theme.

  • How To Identify Target Audience In Writing

    Understanding reader demographics by genre and learn to attract the readers who will become your book’s biggest promoters.

  • Choosing The Theme Of A Book

    Understanding universal themes and craft a powerful one that underpins your message to make your book relevant and relatable for readers.

  • Identifying & Understanding The Different Genres Of Books

    Learn about book genres and what publishers require – and readers expect – from books in your chosen genre.

  • Understanding Book Word Count & Page Numbers

    Work out how many words your book should be to meet the key requirement for publishing.

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Joanne Verikios

As a published author I can tell you the whole process would have been so much easier had I done this course first. Great graphics, easy explanations, and enjoyable to follow. I will also be using all the lessons in the structuring phase section as I develop content for TV shows as well.

Jo Beech

2 Think Pink Women Empowerment Expert

"The Ultimate Blueprint Of Successful Publishing". . is exactly that! The blueprint will guide you through the entire process of finding the book that's deep within you. With every step mapped out for you . . . . "Imagine How Much Easier Your Book's Success Could Be" with all the tools at your fingertips. This Ultimate Blueprint will give courage to writers to JUST DO IT!

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