How to write a book and get it published: The Ultimate Blueprint of Successful Publishing

Take control of your writing project and leave a lasting legacy with our Module 1 Bundle

All major publishers use a proven formula to evaluate whether a script can become a successful book or not, and a good story is just the beginning. The fact is that if you don’t nail that formula, it doesn’t matter how great your book idea is – your script is out the door.

You’ve got to pick the right idea, understand your genre and target a flourishing market. You’ve got to connect with your target audience, create life-like characters and structure your story in a way that keeps readers turning page after page.

This course bundle is designed to give you the formula for writing a successful book, bringing together five packages covering the core skills and concepts involved in the creative writing process, so you can get it right from the very beginning.

In other words, if you want a complete overview of how to write a book and get it published, this course is for you.

Why do this Bundle?

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    Get it right the first time to ensure your story reaches its full potential. Trade anxiety-inducing guesswork around structure, format and targeting for step-by-step guidance by an expert who knows the industry inside-out.

  • Make your hard work worthwhile

    Just like a plant, your idea must be cultivated correctly to become a successful book. Nurture your brilliant book idea from acorn to oak with creative writing techniques and processes that successful authors swear by.

  • Write faster, work smarter

    Get game-changing creative writing techniques, productivity tools, and industry-standard templates for time management, research, and formatting to help you write more efficiently and effectively.

The Ultimate Blueprint of Successful Publishing: online creative writing course bundle

This bundle is the first in a series of four modules that will make up the Insider Expert’s Ultimate Blueprint of Successful Publishing series. We will be releasing Modules 2-4.

It focuses on the creative writing techniques, styles and concepts you’ll need to take your book from budding idea to marketable manuscript that we cover in Packages 1 – 5.

  • PACKAGE 1 Planning your book

    Picking the right ideas and bringing it to fruition, research, brainstorming and writing the all-important book outline.

  • PACKAGE 2 Target audience & demographics

    Identifying your target audience and refining your idea to connect with and captivate them.

  • PACKAGE 3 Structuring your book

    Understanding the concepts and conventions of writing a book to ensure your story reaches its potential.

  • PACKAGE 4 Book development & style

    Avoiding common mistakes that writers make which frustrates readers and publishers.

  • PACKAGE 5 Creative writing techniques & tools

    Golden writing rules to follow and game-changing tools and templates for writing a successful book and submitting it to a publisher.

About Insider Expert online writing courses

Our user-friendly online creative writing courses are designed to be your go-to resources for all things writing and publishing. They can be watched from anywhere at any time, so you can learn and write whenever and wherever it suits.

Each package contains a collection of stand-alone lessons honing in on a specific skill, concept or technique, and you can take them in any order you like. Keep track of what you’ve learned or skip to the lessons you want the most in your personalised dashboard, and easily find any lesson you’ve missed.

Your Course Checklist

In this course you will find:

  • 25 Courses containing 253 lessons with video training designed to increase your knowlege retention

  • Easy to use templates that will focus you on what's really important

  • 123 creative handouts that you will want to refer to again and again

What other people say about us


Joanne Verikios

As a published author I can tell you the whole process would have been so much easier had I done this course first. Great graphics, easy explanations, and enjoyable to follow. I will also be using all the lessons in the structuring phase section as I develop content for TV shows as well.

Monica Brigden, FNTP


As a nutritionist, I'm looking to write a book to help people understand how easy it can be to live a healthier life. This has been the perfect resource to give me the structure, ideas and tools to get it done.

Deflina Foster

I like how this step by step courses covers all that is required to create not only a compelling storyline but fascinating characters, plots and subplots in any genre you can imagine. It guides you through the labyrinth of the author's world.

Anthia Aimee

I wish they taught this in schools or Uni. Loved it and will use it.



Great content. I'm loving the quality of information and finding myself much more inspired. The range of tools are fantastic and the handouts alone would be great value at the price. After going through the planning phase I have at least 10 more ideas, plus I now have an understanding of effective outlining. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Mary Allen

Children's Author

These courses offer a comprehensive and engaging path for the journey of a writer from the conception of an idea to the publishing of a book. It is very useful to have all aspects tied together. Both fiction and non-fiction are examined, which is effective as there can be an emphasis on fiction alone. The explanations and examples would engender confidence in those who might feel strongly about writing but hesitate to start.

Jess Doyle

I really enjoyed reading through and processing the information in this course. I have had a book in the making which has sat on the shelf for ten years. During this time, I had become very frustrated as I did not have the tools to complete it. The Ultimate Blueprint has now given me everything I need to proceed forward with my book. Each course has provided me with the Blueprint step by step guide, and with this information, I will go onto writing more and more. A big thank you for making this available.

Jo Beech

2 Think Pink Women Empowerment Expert

"The Ultimate Blueprint Of Successful Publishing". . is exactly that! The blueprint will guide you through the entire process of finding the book that's deep within you. With every step mapped out for you . . . . "Imagine How Much Easier Your Book's Success Could Be" with all the tools at your fingertips. This Ultimate Blueprint will give courage to writers to JUST DO IT!

Breaking down the Course Structure

Set yourself up for success

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to become a published author, from creative writing tips and techniques to master the writing process to expert insights to demystify the publishing industry.